Dangerous adventures lie ahead for Pinocchio and Lazuli in Abaton...

Lord of Monsters




Pinocchio can't believe the Moonlit Court is his home. With royal banquets, a regal wardrobe, and a whole new set of rules, Pinocchio has a lot to adjust to in his new life as prester alongside Princess Lazuli. 

But before they can get comfortable in their thrones, a fancy dinner at the palace is interrupted by an unwelcome guest-a monster. And this isn't just any monster; it's a manticore, a beast that was imprisoned centuries earlier. Desperate to locate the prison and make sure none of its other monsters were able to escape, Lazuli, Pinocchio, and their Celestial Brigade set out to save Abaton from these ancient beings. 

Their journey requires intelligence, strength, and a dash of the magic only presters control. But when Pinocchio tries to use his powers, they have an unintended effect: he is turning back into a wooden automa. And if he's not careful, he may lose his human form forever. 

An action-packed adventure that celebrates friendship, tolerance, and the power of being yourself.

"The story is filled with danger and a quest to save himself and his new found leadership.  I really enjoyed the twists and turns that each chapter brought.  Parents will be thrilled to read this one as well since it relays an important message about being yourself."              ~ Book Hounds