"John's editing services are terrific. With his help, I was able to eliminate key flaws in my manuscript. I went from being unagented to getting published by one of the majors." ~Andrew S. Chilton, The Goblin's Puzzle (Knopf Books)

“John is a master at helping writers develop story ideas into clear and compelling plots with deeply-drawn characters and captivating narratives. His enthusiasm is purely infectious.” ~Michelle Leonard, Brave New Girls (CreateSpace)

“Whether you have an MFA in creative writing or just grabbed a laptop and started tapping out your first novel, your writing could be better. John Bemis can help you get there.” ~John Klekamp, Wicked South: Secrets and Lies (Goldenjay Books)

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Are you ready to submit your finished novel? Or are you frustrated with rejections from agents and editors? Or maybe you’re stuck in the dreaded story middle and need help figuring out the end?

Wherever you are with your story, I can help.

I’ve worked with many writers (several who are now published!) developing stronger openings, deepening the characters and conflict, illuminating your story’s stand-out qualities as well as what sticky issues are holding things back from appealing to publishers. I love helping writers problem solve and come up with new ideas for where your story needs to go. 

This is my passion. Let’s get to work together.

Consultation packages:

  1. Full or Partial Manuscript Critique — Send me your complete or partial story, and I’ll provide specific guidance on what’s working and what needs to be improved. I’ll provide you with an upfront quote on the price based on word count. The service includes manuscript notes and a phone or in-person follow-up discussion.

  2. Story Structure — After reviewing your story synopsis (approximately 500 words), we’ll discuss the larger story structure and how the plot and character arcs can be improved.

  3. Query Consultation — Submitting a story for publication can be daunting! I can help you develop a catchy and professional query letter and give guidance about submitting to literary agents, including agent recommendations.

  4. Coaching — Need guidance organizing your ideas into a story? Or help in a particular scene or with a specific aspect of writing? I work with writers on an hourly-basis offering coaching. Let’s talk about what I can do to support you.